Essay on Commerce Case Study Report for David Jones Sexual Harassment

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Principles of Responsible Commerce: Group 5

October 2010
Assessment 3: Case Study Report
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace – David Jones and Pricewaterhouse Coopers
Kristy van Duin, Li Yutao, Pablo Arenas, Jace Burgess

Executive Summary
The following report looks at the increase of Sexual Harassment claims within Corporate Australia that have been lodged with the Australian Human Rights Commission over the last decade. David Jones Pty Ltd and Pricewaterhouse Cooper are two prevalent cases which have attracted negative media with regard to Sexual Harassment, and this report utilises both Risk Management and Egoism Theories to scrutinise various impacts, responsibilities and recommendations for Individuals, Organisations and
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Therefore, by limiting the ability to meet all other needs of the Hierarchy, sexual harassment limits one’s ability to become self actualized.

Sexual harassment impacts both the victim and the perpetrator. The credibility and seniority of many of the perpetrators can be decreased. The accusations can lead to loss of integrity in the workplace and subsequent decreases to job opportunities and future earning capability.
Organisations – costs to organisations can be both internal and external. Some primary issues are listed below. * Loss of revenue. Due to media and public scrutiny and disapproval of conduct, sales may decrease. * Increases in operating expenditures. There is a range of causal factors for increases in operating expenses. Staff absenteeism and lack of productivity of staff due to ongoing internal and media investigations into the allegations. Increased expenses for insurances. Public relations campaigns to negate media damage to company branding and sales. Increases in recruitment costs due to staff movements to more favourable work cultures and other organisations. * Impacts to other organisations such as Insurance Industry, Government and their resultant use of resources such as Hospitals, Police Services, Court systems, and Mediation services. * Corporate Australia as a whole is impacted with each allegation, as financial measures are taken to minimise the risks of occurrence within

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