Comment on the Contrasting Descriptions and Opinions of Mr. and Mrs. Chawla on Their Son, Sampath. Explore Tones, Contrasts, Changes Brought Out by Diction, Etc.

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Comment on the contrasting descriptions and opinions of Mr. and Mrs. Chawla on their son, Sampath. Explore tones, contrasts, changes brought out by diction, etc.
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Chapter three of Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard by Kiran Desai brings out interesting contrasting opinions of Mr and Mrs Chawla, on their son, Sampath. Firstly, Mr Chawla’s character is of a person who is extremely planned, organized and positive. “He hoped to inspire his family and seek out a day as full of promise and activity as his own would be”. This suggests that he wishes to inspire his family and Sampath especially by setting himself as an example for them. As a result, Mr Chawla wants Sampath to be more like him; enthusiastic and prompt at
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Further on, Mr Chawla feels that since Sampath was a child, he had always been in going down in a spiral, and never had desired to become successful and work hard towards achieving something his father would have wanted to reach. “Progress! Ever since he was born, this boy has been progressing steadily in the wrong direction. Instead of trying to work his way upwards, he started on a downward climb and now he is almost as close to the bottom as he could ever be”. This clearly supports the reader’s opinion of Mr Chawla on Sampath, as he feels that “Sampath is not taking any route” in fact and “has missed the route altogether”. Therefore, Mr Chawla considers that Sampath is off track in life, and is not focussed on to a goal from the very start, thus going depreciating instead of progressing.
On the other hand, Sampath’s mother Kulfi has a different perspective altogether on Sampath. Kulfi is a odd character and “it had been generally acknowledged that she was a little eccentric to say the least”. During Mr Chawla and Sampath’s conversation, “Kulfi though, was not interested”. However she was “thinking of the deep scented, deep hearted world of pepper-corn berries, of cinnamon bark, of the flower buds of cloves and cassia, and the saffron stigmas on the crocus”

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