Essay about Commemorative Speech

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Commemorative Speech

General Purpose: To commemorate.

Specific Purpose: To commemorate the love for the game of soccer.

Central Idea: To commemorate the history of Soccer and the love for the game.


I. 198 days until kick off! Entire countries will grind to a halt in 198 days to watch these games. No other sporting event has this same impact as the Soccer FIFA World Cup. A. For 4513 years the human species has played this game. B. Some suggest that the earliest signs of a feet-based ball game date back as far as 2500BC, during which time the Greeks, Egyptians and Chinese all appear to have partaken in such games.
II. Today, I'm going to tell you why I'm proud to share the history of the Soccer
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C. This was our father daughter time and I loved it. D. Even now, being far from my father, we still bond through soccer whether it be talking about games or when I come home and visit go watch a game. E. It is a symbolic figure and representation to the best nations in the world 1. No other sporting event has the same impact as the World Cup. Entire countries grind to a halt to watch games. 2. Even those who aren't fans can and should appreciate that the World Cup is far more than a mere competition. During the next year, hundreds of millions of people will celebrate a shared passion and, because of it, perhaps fret a little less over the things that drive them apart. That is a beautiful and all-too-rare thing.
Even if we don't speak each other's languages, don't always appreciate and respect each other's cultures, religions, politics and lifestyle choices, "Goal!" is a word that resonates joyfully and is understood from Beijing to Bogota, Sydney to Seattle.
No other sport speaks to so many. The game's cross-border, cross-culture, cross-division universality is what makes the World Cup so special, a celebration not of 22 players on a pitch but of all who watch them. F. In the end, all I can say is that you all hold my deepest and most sincere admiration.

(Transition: I feel pride not only because I am part of an organization with such an enduring and proud history, but because of the men standing in front of me right

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