Stock Characters In Walt Disney's Zootopia

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In the popular 2016 mystery/crime film Zootopia, brought to you by Walt Disney Animated Studio has displayed Commedia Dell'arte Stock Characters throughout the film. The main plot of the film is about Officer Judy Hopps coming to Zootopia to become the first bunny officer and along the way she meets a scam-artist Nick Wilde and solves a mystery together. Throughout the film, the stock characters are being taken place into a modern film showing that there are still tons of comparison to connect between the two. The protagonist of the film is Judy Hopps, who is the first officer bunny of Zootopia. The film first started out with Judy have problems here and there, but as time progress, she was able to move past it and be the hero of the mystery …show more content…
Officer Clawhauser is just like Covillo, who is portrayed as the dumb character and the comedy relief of the whole film. Throughout the whole storyline, he did not have a big role but the times when Judy Hopps was feeling down. He would be the one that was able to uplift her mood up by just making small comments or jokes here and there. He is definitely smart because in order to be in the police departments, he would have to pass all those test. So although he has a fun personality, when times are serious he can also be serious. The differences between the two would be Officer Clawhauser is nowhere near to be described as a sly or trickery character, instead he is just straightforward and has a bubbly personality. He just have a happy and playful nature where at times most can consider it to be inappropriate for that scenario but that is what makes up his character. Overall, the Commedia Dell'arte style of stock characters can be considered old, but expectation are met because they are still used in modern times films. The film Zootopia is a perfect comparison to these characters because although there are still small differences because as times goes on, there would be different adaptations. Though the main original ideas and details are kept to keep the character true to how they were created. Proving that even during the modern times, the film industry still keeps the early times form of theatre because it is important to hold onto the roots of

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