Coming From A Mexican Family And Being A Female Essay

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Coming from a Mexican family and being a female is a bit difficult. It is difficult when you have family that is waiting for you to “grow up” to become a mother. Some family members belief this is still a norm for a female to get married, have children, and stay home to take care of the family. Just because some of the women in my family became mothers at a young age, I did not want to become a mother, at least not yet.

On (Not) Getting By in America by Barbara Ehrenreich, she wrote “Happily, though, my fears turn out to be entirely unwarranted: during a month of poverty and toil, no one recognizes my face or my name, which goes unnoticed and for the most part unuttered. In this parallel universe where my father never got of the mines and I never got through college, I am “baby,” “honey,” “blondie,” and, most commonly, “girl.” This is exactly what happens when you do not attend college and still afraid that it could happen. It is difficult when you have a minimum wage job that no ones wants and you have to get up to support yourself and your family. Why, because you have become a mother and have no education for a better job. Having family and friends one day and the next when you need a hand they wont be there. I have seen it happen and the saddest part is that it was my sister and I did not want to go through that struggle.

The struggles and the sacrifice one has to go through to raise a child at a young age. You have to give up a lot. In a…

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