Comcast Strengths And Weaknesses

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3. SWOT Analysis
3a. Strengths Comcast is known for having numerous strengths. The biggest one we can talk about is how Comcast’s cable company alone has 83,000 employees and 22 million subscribers. It brings in more than $64 billion in revenue a year (“Jeffries”). On top of the large revenue it makes, Comcast also bought NBC Universal. Comcast is the largest cable company and the largest home internet service provider. NBC Universal is a good strength that Comcast is capitalizing on since there are still plenty of cable consumers today. NBC Universal hosts a wide variety of cable networks so until cable becomes completely obsolete, Comcast will still profit exponentially from their cable networks and cable packages. In terms of its’ cable
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The biggest weakness that Comcast has is the fact that many view them as a company that will do whatever it can to churn a profit without putting the customer’s wants and needs first. Others just think they are evil. As a way to fix that, they changed their name to Xfinity, so people would forget how bad the name “Comcast” was, but they are still working out the bad publicity they get sometimes, especially with their poor customer service. Another rather large weakness that stuck out was how Comcast offers landline phone options in some of their packages. As discussed in class, not many people even have a landline unless they are forced to due to low cell phone service at their homes. Even though Comcast is the 3rd leading landline telephone provider, it seems that it is a dying market so that is why they are reducing it in their packages, but it would seem that it can still be more costly than beneficial, depending on where they are at. Another weakness that at first seemed like just a local problem in this specific area but after some research, realized not: Their customer service is very poor. After acquiring companies like NBC Universal and others, Comcast didn’t really change up their infrastructure on a local level, like their management for instance, which provided short-term continuity. This lack of control and management from the top to the bottom and not conforming to the changes in an efficient manner led to them having the image of poor customer service. Another problem with their cable company, as reported by some workers and customers, is that their promotional and regular pricing differs by the area they are in, which apparently makes their customer interface difficult to work with because of the differing

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