Essay about Columbus Day

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The United States only honors two men with federal holidays bearing their names, Martin Luther King Jr., and Christopher Columbus. When we celebrate Columbus Day, we are honoring a man who helped spark a holocaust situation of the people of America and the Atlantic slave trade. Furthermore, Columbus never set foot on the land we call the United States, nor was the first explorer to reach the "new world". Columbus's arrival in the new world was proceeded by the explorer Leif Ericson and others. The true discoverers of the land Columbus encountered are the ancestors of the native people who were living there when he arrived. Unfortunately, the public education system of the United States has failed to teach the entire truth about Christopher …show more content…
Which is always too little to satisfy enormous appetites" (Bartolome de Las Casas). Bartolome de Las Casas's point is that the Europeans could worry less about what anyone else is going through, they just had to get what they wanted. So what this says is, now knowing the truth of Columbus and the Europeans, the atrocities committed under his command should be clear to all people that honoring Columbus with a holiday is offensive to any nation that claims to respect human rights.

Columbus was also the start of one of the biggest slabs trade to have ever occurred, the Atlantic slave trade. To begin with, Bartolome de Las Casas himself writes, "All the people were slain or died after being taken into captivity and brought to the island of Hispaniola to be sold as slaves" (Bartolome de Las Casas). You may think that only a couple hundred natives were being captured but no, the reality is that 500,000 souls were being hurt or dying. Those are a lot of people being separated from their families and being brought to an unknown land just to be put off to be a abs for the rest of their time being. Not only were the Natives either dying or put as a slave, they "are so weak and complaisant, they are less able to endure heavy labor and soon die of no matter what malady" ((Bartolome de Las Casas). Now the Natives weren't just born all weak, but while

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