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The full title of the choreopoem by Ntozoke Shange is For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf. From the table of contents: dark phrases graduation nite now i love somebody more than no assistance i'm a poet who latent rapists' abortion cycle #1 sechita toussaint one i used to live in the world pyramid no more love poems #1 no more love poems #2 no more love poems #3 no more love poems #4 somebody almost walked off wid alla my stuff sorry a nite with beau willie brown a laying on of hands

1. Latent Rapist-Anika Noni Rose

Rapist doesn’t have to be a stranger to be legitimate. Someone you never saw, but if you’ve been public with him, dance one dance, kissed him goodbye lightly,
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I brought you what joy I found. And I found joy. And then there’s that woman who hurt you. And who you left 3 or 4 times and then you went back after you pit my heart in the bottom of your shoe. You just walked backed to where you hurt. And I didn’t have nothing, so I wonder does somebody have something for me. But none of them where you. I gotta real dead loving here for you now. Cause I don’t know any more how to avoid my own phase wet with my tears. Because I had convinced myself that colored girls have no right to sorrow I lived for you oh I know I did it for myself but I couldn’t stand it I couldn’t stand it being sorry and colored at the same time. It’s so redundant uh in the modern world
Like you never seen it before.
Phylicia Rashad and Kimberly Elise
What is your plan, what are you doing baby? You just gonna lay here and die. (How could he do it) It wasn’t just him honey. (But I tried to stop him) you had to stop him long before he got to that window. (Are you saying this is my fault) what im saying is you gonna have to take responsibility in some of this, how much of it you take is up to you. But you gotta take some of it, until you do your just gonna be living to die I know it hurts, but you gotta get up from here. (But I didn’t save my babies) Then save some other woman’s babies, help another woman who’s missing what you are missing.Theres to much life wrapped in your voice. You gotta get up

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