Essay on College Tuitions Can Be Exorbitant

1036 Words Nov 16th, 2015 null Page
While it is true that college tuitions can be exorbitant, I still maintain that getting an undergraduate degree will pay off much further in the future than a high school diploma. Sanford J. Ungar, president of Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland, author of “The New Liberal Arts” claim that “the critique… seems to be fueled by the reliance on common misperceptions” (226). It is important for people, especially high-schoolers, to know the truth about going to college and all the little things that go with it before deciding for themselves. Gillian B. White, a senior associate editor at The Atlantic and author of the article, “Even With Debt, College Still Pays Off”, insists that “Though the cost of college is increasing, a variety of empirical evidence suggests that the earnings associated with a bachelor’s degree still trump the debt that students incur in most cases.” Everyone should go to college. An undergraduate degree can open numerous doors which will lead to endless opportunities in life. The biggest thing a student worries about when it comes to college is probably the tuition and whether or not the rate of return to education will be worth it. What Ungar believes to be a misconception can finally put some of our worries to rest. “Misconception No. 1: A liberal-arts degree is a luxury that most families can no longer afford” (227). According to data from the College Board, “ In the 2012-2013 academic year, the average cumulative student-loan debt for a…

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