Essay on College Students With Debt And Debt

1065 Words Nov 19th, 2015 null Page
In CPCC’s Online opposing viewpoints essay, “Student Loans”, it is argued that the methods of taking care of student loans have issues. The essay starts by making a point that borrowers get overwhelmed with debt. Consolidation would sound like a help, but all it does is create more debt because it makes the payment period longer. The longer you wait the more interest you accumulate. The viewpoints in the article on student loans acknowledges that the government will continue to go even deeper in debt if no one repays their loans and gets saved by recovery acts. The essay ended by emphasizing that there is no way of paying back the loans when you borrow. In this essay, I will argue that since loans are overburdening college students with debt, there needs to be more avenues to help them pay for an education. First, overburdening loans of college students is a mind boggling issue. According to Bigelow, “37 million current and former students in the U.S. are now burdened with a total of $1 trillion in student debt, and they are finding it difficult to reach the lifestyle they dreamed of” (1). This is an issue that will probably never be resolved completely, but it can be resolved. If it is dealt with in a proper way, it will not make so big of a dent in college students lives and pockets. It should also be considered that just because someone gets an undergrad degree, they still can be less likely to earn a lot of money; some professions do not make much at all. According to…

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