College Readiness Assessments Should Not Be The Only Factor For A Successful Transition Into The Working World

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Although there is evidence both in support and opposition of the idea that college readiness assessments do accurately measure a student’s ability to succeed in higher education; testing should not be the only deciding factor in any student’s acceptance into college and society there after. With american culture and education becoming more obsessed with test scores and less concerned with the academic ability of the student and potential to learn, the country could soon be facing many problems as this generation of the test based learning is pushed out into the real world without the proper knowledge needed to be prepared. College readiness assessments have been the center of an ongoing debate on how to better prepare young adults for higher education and a successful transition into the working world we live in; there is a strong push for reform to the current system used for acceptance into college. The ACT and SAT are two common tests that claim to predict college readiness, but those are definitely not the first standardized test american public school students see. The current generation applying to and attending college is one of the first waves of students who have completed their entire K-12 learning under implications of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001(NCLB). What a lot of people fear is that an entire generation is unprepared due to the heavy shift to standardized tests in public schools. In the book We 're Losing Our Minds: Rethinking American Higher…

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