College Is The Perfect Fit For Me Essay

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Concordia College NY is one of the best, small, stabilized schools I believe anyone can ever go attend. Concordia may be smaller than the average schools you know of, but I believe this school has all aspects to fulfill and enlighten your college experience and have one of the best four years ever. Education wise, Concordia is very sophisticating. It has all types of majors & minors, for instance, biology, business, and one of the best nursing programs. Concordia is a division two school that is particularly satisfying in all athletics implemented. Why am I here at Concordia? Since I was in high school, I never genuinely wanted to forward to a big or enormous type of school, but I wanted to go to a superb school that was extraordinary in the major of psychology, and I wanted to gain the opportunity to play for a good basketball team, and I wanted to go division two. However, Concordia College was the perfect fit for me. Concordia provides many opportunities for you to learn new things everyday with its amazing facilities as well as meeting new people.

So far in one of my scheduled classes here at Concordia, known as the First-Year Seminar class, we have been critically discussing a short section from “Plato’s Republic Book” in which Plato is demonstrating to the readers in the form of reading, you can visualize a dark scene(cave) in which people have resided since birth and have never seen daylight. The people are chained up to the point they cannot circulate their neck to…

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