College Is Not Unattainable? Essay

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College is not Unattainable Over the past decades, attending college has been stressed to all high school students. Many students are lucky to survive the struggling years of high school let alone make it to college. The students that are prosperous in attending college usually drop out or get pulled into the partying craze. Specialty businesses look for college educated people to hire that have a degree that meets requirements the business searches for. All high school graduates should attend college for at least a two year degree because there are better job opportunities for those who graduate from college and there is a way for every person to pay the costs of college. Although high school graduates are able to get a job, citizens with a college degree are open to a larger variety of job opportunities with better pay. The graduates searching for jobs, makes the ability to receive specific jobs very competitive leaving no room for the lower- educated to have a chance for the job. “An average of 1.38 million entrants will be met with approximately 1.13 million college-level job openings each year, a projected annual difference of about 250,000” (Mittelhauser). Mittelhauser continues on by stating that the number of college level job openings will continue to increase in the future due to the growth of college graduates competing for specialty college-level jobs (Mittelhauser). This will decrease the competition for the specialty college-level jobs for those who have a…

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