Essay on College Is A Mile Stone

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It is many athletes dream to play at the college level or beyond. College is a mile stone in any individual’s life, let alone an athletes. There becomes a struggle between student athletes having life “made” and a normal student. Student athletes face missing class due to sporting events, juggling homework and practice and dealing with the fatigue that comes with practicing often. A normal student is faced with the stress of being away from home for an extended amount of time, challenges brought on by classes, and balancing new social roles that emerge. A student athlete has to deal with the issues that the normal student is faced with on top of the issues that are created by participating in sports. Student athletes struggling with getting enough sleep, spending the recommended amount of time outside of class in their course work, and dealing with the emotional roller coaster that comes with competition.
It is normal in college for students to be staying up late resulting long nights with little sleep. A challenge faced by student athletes is to get the recommended eight hours of sleep for any normal person. In reality they should be getting more than the recommended amount since their bodies need to recover from the large amounts of calories that are being consumed (Archibald). A normal students are able to build their schedules to fit around their lifestyles and ensure they receive enough sleep daily. There may be some long nights but they will be able to make it up…

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