Essay about College Education Worth The Cost

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College Education Worth the Cost
What you guys think does College Education Worth the Cost? In the article “The Wall Street Journal” edited by Riley, she said that college education does not worth the cost. Again, she claims that most of the colleges are doing their business, they did not care about student (Riley). Those types of colleges have lack serious core curriculum, they did not they their responsibility towards student. Moreover, I will not support Riley argument because I am doing to support the article “college is still worth the expenses,” written by Justin Draeger. College education worth the cost from different ways. All college student does not have same aim to attain college. In this research essay I am going to argue college education worth the cost in several ways such as: Earning a college degree is all about opening up opportunities in life, being educated person, and getting better career opportunities. College worth the cost because earning a college degree open up opportunities in everyone’s life. In this world, education become necessary not important. Compare to the high school graduate’s student and college graduates, college graduates have greater community service and leadership (Hansen). Person who have college degree gets more respect from other people, everyone calls them in any programs. Everyone has their own self-respect, but almost all educated person only get respect from other. similarly,…

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