College Education: The Benefits Of Going To College

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When thinking about going to college some people don’t always stop and think about what the benefits really are. When a parent is talking to their child about going to college after high school the child, most of the time gets mad. Teens now a days don’t even like going to school and sitting in a classroom and listen to a teacher, counselor, or even a guest speaker. So what makes the parent think that their child wants to go to college? Yes, there is many things that are horrible about college, but the benefits over weigh them. Teens never want to look at all the great benefits colleges can offer them. When the teens actually sit down and start looking for college’s they notice that college isn’t so bad after all. College can offer students a great education, also students get to meet new people, and college gives students …show more content…
Now high schoolers on the other hand should be. When students graduate out of high school most of them don’t just want to work at a McDonald’s their whole life. Hrabowski states “College graduates are much more likely to be employed then those with only a high school diploma and earn substantially higher salaries.” (260) This quote explains how going to college and getting a great education help in the future with getting a job that the student would like. The first thing that students should know about college is that college can offer students a great education. College is not just there to take money from people. Going to college and actually engaging in a class will help people succeed. Getting a great education from college comes with time. People may not think that they are getting a great education or they may think there just getting the minimum they need, but when the person finishes with the degree that they are shooting for then they will be able to get a job that they want to, In the end the person will realize they just got the best education

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