College Athletes Should Not Be Paid Essay

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Over the past few decades, college athletics has grown extremely popular among Americans. With this increase in popularity, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has experienced a surplus of revenues because of the billions of dollars they generate through TV contracts, ticket sales, and merchandise sales (Majerol 14). This surplus of sales has fuelled the debate of whether or not college athletes should be compensated for their time spent playing. One may assume that because college athletes are a large contributing factor to the increased revenue the NCAA is bringing in, that they should receive a portion of the profit. However, paying college athletes would only distract the athletes from getting an education, which is vitally important, and the athletic scholarships these athletes receive should be considered compensation enough. Although college athletes should not be paid, the extra money should be put to better use by being redistributed throughout the schools themselves to benefit every student. Paying college athletes would inevitably “undermine the value of a college education” (Williams). Student athletes, are just that: students, not employees, and they should be treated as such while in college. As said best by Dr. John Acquaviva, a renowned sports journalist, “colleges and universities provide an invaluable and vital service to our communities: education” (3). Student athletes are attending college firstly to receive an education that is…

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