College Admission Officers Have A Tough Job Essay

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Great Expectations Ahead
College admission officers have a tough job when it comes to sorting and reading millions of application essays. A student’s academic life depends merely on whether their essay is valuable enough to get acknowledged; therefore things need to be evaluated carefully. Although this applicant’s essay doesn’t necessarily state a clear academic goal in writing doesn’t mean there isn’t a goal in mind. Solely based on this student’s essay they would definitely be accepted into my university because they demonstrate potential, good character and diverse experience in communication which are highly praised in every student. Having potential in college is essential if not necessary because it helps give the extra push needed to be someone greater and more acceptable in life. Not only does it give an extra push, but also helps ignite the sparks within them. Not to say they aren’t great already, but society nowadays requires people to have college degrees in order to seem more worthy enough. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing because if this person already shows that they have the abilities, then this person already has knowledge that just needs to be strengthened, enhanced and reinforced by the materials provided by an intuition, to further future opportunities. In the essay, the paragraphs start with I’s, and for some that might come off as a little arrogant, on the other hand it can help show just how much potential is in them. How hard can it be for them…

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