Colin McDougall's The Firing Squad: Comparison with the Book of Genesis

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Jeanna Nguyen
English 11-Block A
Ms. McGrath
The Firing Squad In the short story “The Firing Squad”, by Colin McDougall, many characters can be compared of those in “The Book of Genesis” from the Bible. The main character from The Firing Squad, Captain John Adam, resembles Adam from the Garden of Eden because of the confusion and temptation both characters are put throughout the course of the story. Similarly, the antagonist of The Firing Squad, Captain Brigadier Hatfield reminds the reader of the serpent from the Garden of Eden in the ways both characters are very persuasive. Another pair of characters from both stories that are comparable is Padre, who plays a guide for Adam throughout the story and God who guided Jesus
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This is what confuses Captain Adam because of his rough past Captain Adam wants to make up for his lost reputation. Likewise, this related to the Garden of

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