Cold Blood, Dick And Perry Were Discovered By Floyd Wells Essay

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In "In Cold Blood," Dick and Perry were discovered by Floyd Wells when they committed the robbery and murder to the Clutter family and were interviewed by Capote later on; he was highly intrigued in the occurrence. On the other hand, in "Serial," Koenig tried to investigate what happened exactly the day Hae Lee was assassinated and interviews Hae 's ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed whom was convicted guilty for Hae 's murder in which Koenig is trying to investigate and closure. Although Capote and Koenig share different stories, they both interview unconventional people that commit the same action as killing the victims to gain power through the murders. The differences between "In Cold Blood" and "Serial" are evident; both differ in the relationship the killers had with the victims. Though both Capote and Koenig build a relationship with the murderers they interview whether it is a good relationship or complicated.
In "In Cold Blood," Dick and Perry were in jail when they both met for committing crimes before the massacre of the farmer family, The Clutters. Floyd Wells was in jail the same time Dick and Perry were and used to be a farm worker for the Clutter family before being in jail. Floyd and Dick were cellmates and had a conversation about the Clutter family. As Floyd is being interviewed about the conversation he had with Dick, he says, "...I informed him (Dick) how I 'd worked a year on a considerable wheat spread in western Kansas. For Mr. Clutter. He wanted to know if Mr.…

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