Cognitive Dissonance And Its Effect On Consumer Behavior Essay

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In a highly dynamic environment, marketers in order to increase product’s sales should not only create new customer base but also retain its existing ones. For that to happen, higher customer satisfaction is required which also helps to.increase revenue. When a consumer purchases a product and comes back home, he starts analyzing his decision and leads to post purchase dissonance when his behavior does not match with the action he has taken.
What is Cognitive Dissonance?
It happens when there are two conflicting beliefs. Whenever there is a discrepancy between beliefs and behavior, something needs to be reduced to avoid this discrepancy. Cognitive Dissonance not only contains cognitive elements but emotional elements too if consumer is emotionally attached to a product.
According to the cognitive dissonance theory, inconsistency occurs when any individual holds any conflicting thoughts about an attitude or a .belief. When such.cognitive dissonance.occurs after the purchase of product, it is called post purchase dissonance. It requires some amount of compromise, so it is quite normal. Consumers to reassure .themselves can rationalize the decision as wise, seek out advertisements to provide support to their choice.
Cognitive dissonance was at first.investigated by Festinger and his associates. It arose out of the study of a cult which’believed that the earth will be.destroyed by a flood, and what.happened to its members — particularly the really committed.ones who had given up…

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