Cognitive Development Observation

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Question 1. According to Piaget, there are four stages of human cognitive development. These stages include sensory-motor stage, pre-occupational stage, concrete operational stage, and the formal operations stage. The sensory motor stage occurs starting from birth to about two years. During this stage, the child is able to use objects, and only understands his or her environment by relating it to objects (Piaget 14). Babies are triggered by stimuli in this stage, where they learn how to make simple movements such as in reaching out for an object. In the second stage, the pre-occupational stage which occurs between the ages 2 to 7 years, the babies have morphed into little people, who are no longer toddlers. They begin to understand
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The distribution of IQ scores indicates that most people globally are of average intelligence, with the lowest percentile belonging to the highest IQ scores. The Bell Curve is the normal distribution of IQ scores which seeks to explain the various measures used in determining the IQ scores. I think I fall under the above average percentile in the Bell Curve.
Question 2b
Basically, my assessment of little Jordan is that he has a developmental delay in some areas of life such as social, cognitive, physical and language acquisition due to the mother’s passionate/emotional weakness.
Yes, little Jordan situation can be handled by showing him love. This is because love is one of the needs for a happy childhood. He has to be giving full attention as when needed and finding out time for him. He can also be helped by encouraging the mother to show more emotional supports to him as mention above because this will go a long way in helping him become emotionally healthy, and will also improve his physical development. Question
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When a child develops mistrust, they are likely to have problems trusting people later in life, and this may lead them to have isolated or lonely lives. When they develop trust during infancy, then the relationships with other people are healthy since they trust them.
Question 4g The emotional IQ test I have taken says that my emotional intelligence levels are okay, however, I need to work on developing and improving relationships with other people as some may be strained more than others. My emotional IQ level is not related to my experiences as an infant. This is because some of the issues I face socially have developed over time while interacting with people from teenage. Emotional intelligence is sometimes not linked to experiences had during infancy (Hughes and James 26).
(v)Discipline and Self-Control.
Question 5a
1.) The most effective way to discipline an infant and a toddler is by being consistent with the routine in order to make them feel secure. When children feel safe and secure, they tend to exhibit calm behavior since they know what to expect. It is also important for parents to praise children for their

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