Cognitive Development : Learning And Mastering Skills Essay

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What is cognitive development? Why do children think and understand problems differently than adults would? Researchers’ used to describe children as young adults that were not as intellectual. New research has shown that the reason children solve problems differently than adults is not because they aren’t smart, but because they have different schemas. They have a different way of solving the problems, different approaches to the problem. Children make different judgements than an adult would and the also have a lower level of cognitive development. According to the Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning (2015) cognitive development refers to how a person perceives, thinks, and gains understanding of his or her world. This process involves learning and mastering skills. Cognitive development is a lifetime journey from childhood throughout adulthood. It is a process every child goes through. Cognitive development occurs in four stages.
The first stage of cognitive development is the sensorimotor stage. The sensorimotor stage occurs in children from birth until the age of two. It is the earliest stage of cognitive growth and is broken down into six stages. After Sensorimotor stage occurs the child goes through a Preoperational Stage. The preoperational stage occurs through age’s two to seven. In this stage the children are able to think of things symbolically and their language use shows signs of maturity. Following the preoperational stage is the…

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