Cognitive Behavior Therapy : The Therapy Model Essay

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- Client/extratherapeutic factors
- Relationship factors
- Placebo, hope and expectancy
- The therapy model

Cognitive behaviour therapy: Cognitive behaviour therapy concentrates mainly on the present and what is happening right now rather than the past and what is yet to come.
Person-centred counselling: Person-centred counselling assumes that the client will be able to develop themselves positively if they were to receive appropriate means of assistance. It aims to assist clients to become more independent.
Family counselling: Family counselling involves counselling with families with the assumption that family members affect one another which create difficulties that the family are not the outcome of the individual, but how the family functions as a group.
Gestalt therapy: Gestalt therapy focuses on strengthening the client’s consciousness about their self-identity and how they function with other individuals. It aims to assist the client on what they are experiencing and working towards achieving it in the present.
Brief therapy: Brief therapy aims to find its issues and solve them instead of putting them off. The counsellor and client focus solely on skills and strengths and work to achieving coping mechanisms and strategies which is a vital focus.

Cognitive behaviour therapy:
The key technique: The counsellor asks questions to assist the client in understanding and making connections between behaviours and thoughts.
Impact on the client:…

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