Cognitive And Personal Experiences: The End Of My Adolescence

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1. My adolescence began when I was about 12. Puberty didn’t hit me till I was about 15, but around age 12 I was noticing a lot of emotional changes. I started to care more about what my friends and what a stranger’s perspective was of myself. I began experimenting with clothing styles to find the style that brought me more friends and attention. At this age I also noticed that I hated when my parents would tell me what to do, I was always picking fights with my mom or even using rebellious notions to get attention or even just piss the parents off.
2. The end of my adolescence was around 17. I was finally done with puberty, I had my first heartbreak and I fully understood what it meant to be independent and I had mature dramatically
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Late: Towards the end of my adolescence I wanted much deeper relationships and I wanted to find friends that shared personal values and morals similar to my own. I became a social butterfly once again, but had no motive become the popular kid in school.
c. Cognitive:
i. Beginning: I hated learning. I enjoyed going to school but I was always scared to make myself look dumb that I never really participated openly in class. I knew I was smart and I did well in classes but I never flaunted my grades or joined any math clubs because I didn’t want to be known as “The Nerd.” ii. Middle: I became more open to learning and was slowly breaking out of my shell. I was beginning to openly participate in class. I noticed that I was becoming more mature and that I was beginning to understand that it’s better to be smart than someone who always answers the questions wrong. iii. Late: I wanted to be successful in school. I joined several different clubs, I wanted my brain to grow and I was starting to think about my future. My critical thinking skills were getting tuned to perfection and I was no longer thinking of just myself. In middle adolescence I was excited to try new things and experiment in risky behavior, but by this age I knew that risky behavior had consequences that could ruin my
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i. Beginning: I was still immature and excited for childhood. I was ignorant to the adult life and was scared of death. The last thing I wanted to do was grow up. I was also very scared of the idea of sexual activity. ii. Middle: I was self-conscious and was very aware of my bodily changes and hated the way I looked. I wanted to be like the models seen on TV and have the perfect skin. I was also very concerned about the thoughts my peers had of me. iii. Late: I grew comfortable with my body. My confidence was growing and I was excited to become a woman.
e. Moral:
i. Beginning: I never really thought about my moral beliefs. I was still young and ignorant that my moral beliefs were just to be respectful to my elders and to treat others how I would want to be

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