Essay on Code Of Ethics : Analysis

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Code of Ethics
IDIS 302

Andrew Asavarungsrikul

Everyone on this planet has at least one thing that they value most in life, even if it’s life itself. It’s that one thing that acts as a pillar to the structure of a person’s moral character, possibly supported by other pillars, and it is these pillars that help define how a person lives their life as happily as they can. For myself, I value family, honesty, love, friendship, joy, and creativity. Although my family is far from picture-perfect, I still appreciate my family and care for them deeply. If I was able to, I’d do as much good by them as possible. When it comes to speaking with other people, I speak with honesty in most situations and hope that others are as honest with me as I cannot stand liars, though it depends on the situation. Honesty and family are intertwined with love, which I strive for in my life with my wonderful girlfriend and I hold much love for my family. I also value friendship because I believe that life is too short to spend it alone and even if it’s not romantic love, I still love and appreciate my friends who have been kind to me and stuck by me even when I was at my lowest point. As for joy, I value getting the most enjoyment out of whatever I do and I often avoid doing things that I find boring or tedious if I can help it. With that being said, I value creativity because life is much more enjoyable and beautiful to me when I am able to dream and have moments of…

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