Cocaine 's Main Ingredient Comes From The Coca Plant Essay

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Cocaine’s main ingredient comes from the coca plant that grows in South American countries, like Peru and Ecuador. Many native tribes chewed on the leaves from this coca plant to get a boost of energy. To the natives, this was a common thing to do, in fact, they would even take “coca breaks,” where they would chew on the leaves. In the 1850s, Albert Niemann created cocaine by isolating the coca plant’s main ingredient and mixing it with other chemicals. Niemann thought he created a drug that would benefit the whole world, and for twenty to thirty years or so, the world thought so too, until the severe side effects were later discovered. Cocaine first entered America in 1863 as an unknown ingredient in a fancy wine, and this caused Americans to put cocaine in everything. Americans idealized cocaine and named it “the wonder drug” because they believed it can cure anything from tiredness and headaches to allergies and asthma. Americans even used cocaine to treat morphine addiction, which is interesting because many of them became addicted to cocaine later. Cocaine is one of the most addicting drugs because it stimulates certain chemicals in the brain, and while this can cause feeling of excitement and pleasure, when the feeling goes away, a need for cocaine remains. Americans at this time did not see any of the severe side effects of cocaine because they were so drawn to how it made them feel at that moment. In the 1900s, fear spread primarily through the southern states…

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