Cocaine And Its Effects On Drugs Essay

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Cocaine Cocaine in its various forms is derived from the coca plant which is native to the high mountain ranges of South America. The coca leaves were used by natives of this region and acted upon the user as a stimulant. The afforded native laborers of the region the stamina to perform their duties in the thin air at high altitudes. In time, science figured out how to maximize the strength and effect of the drug contained in the coca leaves. Cocaine was first synthesized in 1855. It was not until 1880, however, that its effects were recognized by the medical world. During the 1980s, Partnership for a Drug Free America began airing commercials that seem to either frighten or educate people about the use of illegal drugs. One of these commercials avowed, "No one ever says, 'I want to be a junkie when I grow up '." The comment is obvious, but very true. Probably very few people aspire to be drug addicts. But it happens, everyday. Cocaine is: a white powder, rock crystal, pure chemical cocaine hydrochloride. Cocaine powder is usually chopped into small lines and snorted using a rolled-up bank note. Crack cocaine is usually smoked with a pipe on foil, or rolled-up in a ‘crack spliff’ (Belcher, 2012). Some people inject cocaine and crack, but this is SO very risky. It is one of drugs, both used medically and illegally, primarily known for its euphoric effects. Cocaine specifically comes from the leaf of an Erythroxylon coca bush. It is a drug which affects the central nervous…

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