Coca Cola Porter's 5 Forces Analysis Essay

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Analysis of the Coca-Cola Company

Analysis of the Coca-Cola Company
The Coca-Cola Company is among the biggest beverage companies with a largest global market. This company was initially started as a local business and later developed into a multi-billion empire with equally significant market shares. The formation of the incorporation in 1991 and the substantial returns of over $5 billion witnessed in 1992 served as an indication of the future success of the Coca-Cola company as seen today. For a company whose most famous beverage, Coke, was made from trying out mixtures of different recipes to get a unique taste, it is more than just the journey from local business to a corporation but a step by step challenge to success. According to a recent report by the company in 2010, they received up to $35 billion in revenues and $11.8 in income. While Coca-Cola serves 200 countries at that time, the company plans to spread its products all over the world and make it the number one household name for beverages not only in soda drinks category but also in fresh juices and bottled water. At the moment, the name Coca-Cola is recognized universally due to its rapid and steady growth over the years (Anders, 2013).
Consequently, to get to where it is, the Coca-Cola Inc. has had to overcome
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Similarly, some of the factors that have been going on for a long time have become the company’s most significant threats. At the same time as Coca-Cola has carved out its niche in the global market, it is safe to say that there are strengths that define it and keep it on the map of the biggest beverage companies. Combining the PEST analysis and the Five Forces can give a framework of a SWOT analysis of the Coca-Cola

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