Essay on Coaching for Competence

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Coaching for Competence

The field of nursing is both a science and an art. New nurses graduate with, at least, acceptable basic competence. They are expected to have the ability to effectively communicate and make decisions in a complex environment with multiple demands on their practical comprehension. However, they usually lack the experience to apply this learned theory. This limited knowledge results in anxiety and difficulty in transitioning from the role of student to leader. How these students can best learn these skills is a topic that has come under considerable debate. We know that most become overwhelmed with multiple tasks and not able to prioritize with critical thinking in a fast pace acute hospital. This
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They were to develop competency and critical thinking in the novice nurses to a higher level of professional thinking. Thus, a coaching concept model was developed by the nurse manager, clinical nurse specialist, and nursing education specialist

Preparing to initiate the program
Only staff members with solid work histories, who demonstrated sound clinical skills and a commitment to encouraging growth in novice nurses, were invited to become coaches. The goal of the unit coach was to build critical thinking skills and judgment in newer staff to allow them to become confident and competent more quickly. The coaches worked for three weeks along with the leadership staff to develop the program. A four hour training session was provided for each coach to build a general list of questions that would provoke critical thinking by the newer nurses. When the time came, they launched the new program with a sports theme lunch, posters and the coaches wore symbolic whistles. The coaches were there to witness all actual practice, prompt thinking and evaluate the outcome. They were to ask questions from the nurses instead of telling. They were not to be disciplinary. Nurse leadership designed lists of preferred activities for the coaches. The coaches who were assigned this role were not to give patient care or be extra staff. Rather, they would be assigned several new orientees after they were done with their initial orientation. They were to be

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