CO2520 Final Review Essay

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1) The study of communications in the early twentieth century solidified in to which two approaches? (a) Culture shock and cooperative conflict style (b) Rhetorical and behavioral (c) Dichotomous and recursion
(d) Self-awareness and positive reinforcement
2) Beliefs that are so central to a cultural group that they are never questioned are known as: (a) True believers (b) Empowerment (c) Self awareness (d) Cultural values
3) Organizational communication exhibits two properties: (a) Organization and structured (b) Planning and execution (c) Function and production (d) Assertiveness and bluntness
4) The intent to harm is a defining element of: (a) Striking (b) Insulting (c) Ignoring (d) Bullying
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(a) 2 way Human differential communication (b) Multicultural transaction communication (c) Human communication in Society or transactional (d) Social group communication and group interaction

31) How do you develop identity? (a) By communicating outside of your local area (b) Ignore negative feedback from others (c) By expressing yourself, through beliefs and persuasion
(d) Through internal awareness and environmental influences, and input from others
32) De-escalating your anger, confronting the situation assertively, and listening to understand are all components of: (a) Effectively handling interpersonal conflict (b) Anger management and “Cool Down” cycle (c) Emotion control (d) Obedience and patience
33) The truth bias involves: (a) The belief of once a liar always a liar (b) Common practice of trusting no one until properly known (c) Lack one’s trust through secrets (d) Tendency to not suspect one’s intimates of deception
34) A feeling of disorientation and discomfort due to the unfamiliarity of surroundings is known as: (a) Unfamiliar territory (b) Culture shock (c) Culture anxiety (d) Culture phobia
35) What is identity? (a) Social categories that you identify yourself (b)

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