Clyde, Ohio And The Civil War Essay

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Clyde, Ohio is a town located in Sandusky County about 40 miles southeast of Toledo. The city has a population of approximately 6,000 people. The community was founded by a young lieutenant who fought in many Indian wars. The town was not originally named Clyde. Before they were renamed Clyde, the city was called Centreville. The city was renamed after Clyde, New York, which was the hometown of an early resident. Clyde has a few prominent citizens that left their mark in their life and in their community. These people are Captain Charles H. McCleary, Sherwood Anderson, and James McPherson. Charles H. McCleary (hereinafter referred to as McCleary) was born in 1842. He married Corlissa Brown McCleary and together they had two children, Hallie McCleary and Baby Boy McCleary. McCleary fought in the Civil War for the United States. He served as a captain in the Union Army. He received the Congressional Medal of Honor as a First Lieutenant for capturing the flag of the Fourth Florida Infantry while in advance of his lines. He is considered a Civil War hero by the people of Clyde. McCleary died on June 23, 1906. He is buried at McPherson Cemetery in Clyde, Ohio along with James B. McPherson another civil war hero from Clyde. Sherwood Anderson (hereinafter referred to as Anderson) was born on September 13, 1876. Anderson was born in Camden, Ohio, but was raised in a small town near Clyde. He did many more tasks before he actually starts his writing career. He served in the…

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