Essay on Cloud Computing : Using Cloud Storage And Access Of Data

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Imagine if this entire paper was printed and given to you served with drips of coffee stains, and a bonus of almost illegible handwriting. An essay like the one mentioned would be incredibly tedious to read. Luckily, this one will not fall into that category, all thanks to cloud computing for allowing essays to be stored & submitted using an online submission system. Cloud computing eliminates the need to keep a tangible copy of information to be shared, allowing storage and access of data simply over the internet. The use of cloud storage is encouraged by many as not only do users put their trust in a consumer agreement, all stored information are also said to be strongly encrypted. Therefore, personal data could never be released to the public, and even if they could be, there is no possible way around cloud computing in our society today. Yet, it is evident that cloud computing actually suffers from a wide range of security issues, which would put billions of users’ stored data at risk. These security issues pose many problems regarding confidentiality, integrity and availability of user information.

As cloud storage is controlled by a third party, accidental or deliberate disclosure of users’ stored information happens on a day to day basis. Storage providers’ promise of high security within their storage systems becomes irrelevant the second they are willingly handing over users’ data in the first place. Although this seems like a breach of company policy, there are…

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