Close Protection Public Services Unit 18 Essay

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Mr Sergey Vakulenko 04/04/16
Unit Title: Security Procedures in the Public Services
Unit N: 18

P1. Identify the threats and the consequences of a failure in securities that exist to the security of people, property and premises in a public service.
..For this example we take a nightclub with a capacity of about 300 people. My role is DS – doorman. We have to secure the safety of premises, people and everyone.
Potential threats that we possibly can have are: 1. Drunken people coming in 2. Drug pushers trying to get in and sell their drugs inside 3. Overcrowding 4. People bringing weapons in

M1. Explain
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This includes working in groups, communicating with your superiors, using equipment such as radios, CCTV.

M2. Explain the role, purpose and responsibilities of security worker in the public services.
This is a situation from recent past. We were working in a nightclub. The customer wanted to get into the club. A new security officer who has never been working in a real environment stopped him. He wanted to show how he can do the job properly so he started to ask too many questions to the client and eventually aggravated him so much that situation has become really critical.
The “old” officer stepped in, and by asking correct and relevant questions he has resolved the situation very quickly.
He used his tact, cooperation skills, and honesty. He behaved in a very approachable manner, was polite and was trying to diffuse the inevitable conflict. That shows that experience in working in the public services is of a paramount importance.

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Mr Sergey Vakulenko 05/04/16
Unit title: Security Procedures in the Public Services
Unit N: 18

P3. Describe the types of security measures used in maintaining the security of people, premises and property.
The types of security are:
Manned – guarding premises against unauthorised access or occupation
Systems – alarm

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