Cloning : An Controversial Type Of Cloning Essay

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It has been a wonder for many generations of people, if the cloning of humans would be in their lifetime. Even though studies and experiments have taken place even before 1952. The reason that this scientific outbreak has not been on top of the to do list for many countries, is that there are people that believe this is very wrong and that we are recreating what mother nature created unique for everybody and everything. But on the bright side, their are still people that believe in this science and think it could only benefit human and animal societies both. Besides just believing in the science, they have had many successful experiments of animals and made very good points of how it would benefit everybody. Many people wonder what human cloning really is. Cloning is just creating what mother nature has already created, it 's similar to how twins are created naturally but it 's a man-made process. There are three types of cloning: DNA, therapeutic, and reproductive. Reproductive cloning, which is the most controversial type of cloning, reproduces an animal with only one parent. Therapeutic cloning is not really cloning. It has to do with making stem cells, which are cells that are capable of taking on any cell type, whether that be heart, brain, or anything. The last type, DNA, is the most accepted throughout society. DNA cloning is simply the copying of a single gene and inputting it into another animal.
The first experiment that had any success in the advancement of…

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