Climax And Themes In Jane Austen's Pride And Prejudice

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Pride and Prejudice is set in England during the early 19th century and is a very satirical novel. The novel follows the Bennet family, where Mr. and Mrs. Bennet have their arms full with their five young daughters, and the troublesome fact that the land owned by Mr. Bennet must be handed down to a male heir of the family. With this in mind, Mrs. Bennet is very eager to have her husband meet the very wealthy Mr. Charles Bingley, who had come down to the countryside for the summer with another wealthy friend of his, Mr. Darcy. Mrs. Bennet is only too willing to have Mr. Charles Bingley marry one of her daughters, and she has them all attend a town dance. There Mr. Bingley has taken a liking to the eldest daughter, Jane Bennet, who is esteemed …show more content…
Climax and Themes The climax of the story was when Mr. Darcy proposes to Elizabeth for the first time. Elizabeth Bennet is taken by surprise and she could not think of how he could of after all he had done. She gives him a piece of her mind and told him what she thought of him being all very haughty. This humbles Mr.Darcy and he writes her a letter that speaks of himself honestly and explains all his actions that she thought wrong of him. This helps everything else fall in place abling the marriage between the two. The three major themes of Pride and Prejudice are Love, Reputation, and Class. The entire story is based on the courtship of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet and you follow the struggles of it falling in place. In the end goal, true love is a force separate from society and can overcome all circumstances. The novel depicts society in which a woman 's reputation is very important, and the action of one person and affect their whole family. Lydia Bennet almost destroyed her family’s reputation by running off with George Wickham and if it wasn’t for Mr. Darcy the rest of the daughters would have not been able to marry. The last theme class is related to reputation. The Bennet family is middle class, but are still treated as inferiors to those like the Bingley’s or Darcy’s. In the end, power of love can overcome class and all the society norms that are enforced and this novel depicts that journey of how love wins

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