Climate Changes And Climate Change Essay

1398 Words Mar 3rd, 2016 6 Pages
Over the past years, the question among many scientists and individuals is what can be a solution for climate change enough to make a difference. There have been reports where carbon dioxide levels in the air are at the highest seen for several decades. Nevertheless, the temperature has built on having an impact by being the warmest years since 2000. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change announced that there were more visible human impacts on climate in 1995 (Oreskes and Conway 3). The reason why they were able to make this conclusion was because they noticed that the greenhouse gases were the main component of climate change. Although, many scientists have reported the cause and effect individuals are doing against climate change, people still questions scientist. However, there is a solution to climate change. If people were to change their lifestyle we would see significant changes, adding too many changes and rates that we have been observed over the past years; for example, the unpredictable weather events like heat waves and large storms are occurring more. These intense impacts with human-induced climate change have observed changes in temperature, precipitation, storms and droughts(EPA). The first step to the solution is forego fossil fuel. Individuals can be more efficient, consume less, and limit the use of several transportations.
Although, oil is important to the global economy, it is one of the resource has to be eliminated because of the many times we…

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