Essay on Climate Change, Fact Or Nonsense?

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Climate Change, Fact or Nonsense Climate change is a continually rising hot topic among our society and many believe if we do not act now it will be irreversible. Since the early 20th century, average temperatures have increased 1.4°F. Atmospheric levels of greenhouse gases have increased over this time period as well. Both sides in the debate over global climate agree on these points. The debate today seems to lie not only whether global warming is real or not but if humans are to be held responsible for the changes in climate. The side supporting climate change argues human activities like burning fossil fuels, is the cause for rising levels of atmospheric greenhouse gases and this is causing increasingly severe climate changes. The side refuting climate change argues that greenhouse gas emissions caused from human activities are not substantial enough to change Earth’s climate and that Earth is able to handle these emissions by absorbing them into “carbon sinks.” Furthermore, they state that warming over the past 20th century is a result of natural processes such as fluctuations in the sun’s heat and ocean currents. For quite some time the argument over climate change and whether or not it was real. Supporters of the theory of climate change believe that levels of human produced gases released into the atmosphere create the greenhouse effect that traps heat and causes global warming is rising. As sunlight hits the Earth, the heat is absorbed by gases in the atmosphere.…

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