Essay on Climate Change And Global Warming

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Climate Change
How much does everyone really know about climate change and Global Warming? Or what it does to planet Earth? Due to climate change the Earth’s temperature has increases rapidly more than ever within the 20th century, the global temperature has increased from 0.6 to 1.0 Celsius (Conserve Energy Future, 2013). Climate change has affected the Earth in tremendous ways such as the changing the amount of gas in the atmosphere, melting polar ice caps, animals becoming extinct, etc. It is building faster and faster but there are ways to help so it does not get any worse. I can help and so can everyone else just by informing and taking action to do your part. There are simple things that everyone can do to contribute to helping planet Earth. The way I would get these ways out is telling people and making simple changes to my everyday routine. Everyday essential contribute to climate change even though we do not think about it. For example the easiest action to help is recycle (Landau, 2014). Recycling can be so easy for someone if they set their mind to it. Putting an extra recycling bin next to the garbage bin can help in the littlest way. Another way to recycle would be to have a yard waste and compost food (Landau, 2014). If you can and have the money using solar panels is a use of green energy that can contribute to helping climate change (Landau, 2014). Also there is a thing such as a Carbon Footprint, which is all the things you do as an individual that…

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