Climate Change and Agriculture Essay

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Topic: Climate change and Agriculture.
In the countrie Solomon islands one of the major problems today is climate change activities. Climate change is the common tolarent background in which this account is looking at the changes that affects most aspect of the environment. How it is important of agricultural activities. The basic of greenhouse effect the gretly affected by changing of climate. However the potential impacts of climates change on agriculture onterms of food security. More over about the climate change of how does it related to both of them. The protest of impact of climate change to agriculture, the negative impact of climate change each positive impact. What do people done with regards to the fact the local example
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All greenhouse gasses can globe together in terms of natural performance or natural outcomes should called greenhouse effect.
Solar energy it comes from the sun can release energy in terms of solar radiation the very got comes and goes through the gasses layer while some other gasses that evaporate back in to the atmosphere some solar power can experience very warmed at the maximum of thirty degree (300c) and thirty three degree calluses (300c). solar system that release into the earth grass that gives photosynthesis for the plant in order to produce of crops to growth radiation implace not enter the earth globe and some are present in the earth other solar power reflected up to the space.

However, greenhouse gasses come in very less number or amount that the tome should we feel cold temperature in the earth due to higher amount of solar energy that can be reflect back to the space. Higher amount of gasses that presence into the atmosphere, this lead to the rise of temperature that heat back into the earth than the space. In order to make correct amount of greenhouse gasses we need equal right number of greenhouse gasses should be present in the earth globe. However greenhouse gasses have a very useful uses due to equal distribution of heat present in the environment. Examples of natural heat are; volcano

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