What Is The Impact Of Climate Change On Livestock Farming

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Globally, we are experiencing excessive average high temperatures and low rainfall, incessant droughts and shortage of ground water as well as surface running water. However, the detrimental impacts of global climate change are rising as the most developing countries are predicted to be mostly affected causing enormous damages due their low capacity to adapt and heavy reliance only little input fed agricultural production system More so, due to the decrease in rainfall and high occurence of droughts that resulted in the inability to cultivate land for agriculture, most rural population (farmers) in developing countries have resulted in depending on livestock production for sustainability and livelihood. However, the livestock production
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The global climate change have resulted to the problems of drought, diseases outbreak, droughts, and lack of grasses for grazing all these factors are collectively responsible to the livestock losses in the developing countries of the World. Apparently the climate change effect has been predicted to persist in most of these developing countries which will in turn cost the livestock farmers their fortunes. Considering this problem, therefore it is imperatively important to study the impact of climate change on livestock production essential globally, particularly in the third world countries where is expected that the rural farmers depends majorly on livestock production for livelihood and sustenance. Nevertheless, this paper.............will focus on the both direct and indirect effects of climate change on livestock farming. The methods / systems to prevent the impact of climate change on livestock farming / production are recommended based on our findings in the

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