Clean India Essay

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Managing of Solid Waste

Group 12
Edwin Jude Hariom Singh Kiran S Kumar Kushal Sutodiya Vineeth V


Due to rapid urbanization and uncontrolled growth rate of population, solid waste management has become acute in India. The current practices of the uncontrolled dumping of waste on the outskirts of towns/cities have created a serious environmental and public health problem. Plastic waste which is biggest problem in waste management is recycled in India in an “unorganized” way. 60% of the plastic-waste collected and segregated gets recycled back into materials for further processing into consumer products, while the balance is left unutilized. The focus of the conference is to evaluate the present
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Following criteria shall be taken into account while establishing and  maintaining storage facilities, namely: Storage facilities shall be created and established by taking into account quantities of waste generation in a given area and the population densities. A storage facility shall be so placed that it is accessible to users.  Storage facilities to be set up by municipal authorities or any other agency shall be so designed that wastes stored are not exposed to open atmosphere and shall be aesthetically acceptable and user-friendly.  Storage facilities or ‘bins’ shall have ‘easy to operate’ design for handling, transfer and transportation of waste. Bins for storage of bio-degradable wastes shall be painted green, those for storage of recyclable wastes shall be painted white and those for storage of other wastes shall be painted black. Manual handling of waste shall be prohibited. If unavoidable due to constraints, manual handling shall be carried out under proper precaution with due care for safety of workers.

Processing of municipal solid wastes
Municipal authorities shall adopt suitable technology or combination of such technologies to make use of wastes so as to minimize burden on landfill. Following criteria shall be adopted, namely

The biodegradable wastes shall be processed by composting, vermi-composting, anaerobic

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