Claudia Rankine 's Citizen : An American Lyric Essay

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“In line at the drugstore it’s finally your turn, and then it’s not as he walks in front of you and puts his things on the counter. The cashier says, Sir, she was next. When he turns to you he is truly surprised.
Oh my God, I didn’t see you.
You must be in a hurry, you offer.
No, no, no, I really didn’t see you.”*** ADD CITATION ****

This is the picture that was posted on the group-me message that includes my close white friends and me, the only black kid. I am going to be honest, I would not have said anything if I was not reading Claudia Rankine’s Citizen: An American Lyric. I was thinking to myself whether or not there was any reason they would think it is acceptable to post a picture like that without making me feel uncomfortable? Or maybe they did not even remember that I was there as if I am invisible or something. The picture portrays the perspective they seem to have about certain black people. The result of the invisibility that African Americans feel is institutionalized racism, outbursts of violence and the widespread fear that is synonymous with the African-American communities.
In this passage, Rankine talks about a situation of invisibility that is caused by race. A man literally looks at a black lady that was standing in line before him in the drug store as if she was not there at all. Another incident occurs “When the waitress hands your friend the card she took from you, you laugh and ask [the friend] what else her privilege gets her? Oh, my perfect life,…

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