Classification Essay : Classification Of Dance

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Classification Essay
Classification of dance has been a much debated topic over the years with no clear determination or clarity to any rightful method to organize an art form that has been around before any legitimate word was spoken. Over the years, dance has been influenced by culture, politics, history, language and a plethora of other direct and indirect in forces. Dance is an art, a language of movement and grace widely appreciated as a form of entertainment providing captivating images and inspiring secret desires. Through dance, an audience lives vicariously through the medium of the performing artist. Dances are also performed during important ceremonies in cultural communities during rites of passage as they portray stories passed down through the generations. To group a fluid expression in any ridged, sterile sense of recognizable cohesion is almost like trying to trap light in a clear glass jar. It is going to mean a little something different to everyone that looks at it. For the purposes of this essay dances will be classified by style in order of origin, oldest to most recent. Within each style, dances will have sub categories from slightest deviation from its origin, to the most radical departure of the originating dance. Dances are as colorful and plentiful as a peacock’s plumage and in its simplest form can be categorized into three classifications in order of lineage from direct cultural influence, societal inspirations, and motivated by the resonance…

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