Essay about Classification : Cns Stimulant And Central Nervous System

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Desoxyn (Methamphitamine )
Classification: CNS Stimulant/Anorexiant/
MW: 149.237 g/mol pKa: 9.87 (at 25 °C)
Chemical Formula: C10H15N

Methamphetamine comes under category of amphetamine type stimulants. Methamphetamine is an Amphetamine Anorectic and Central Nervous System Stimulant. Other than clinical usage as an oral form or Intravenous form, methamphetamine has been highly abused as street drugs by smoking, inhaling and sniffing to attain ecstasy.
Clinical formulations of Methamphetamine in Oral (5mg – 30mg) or Intravenous forms are used for the improvement in cognitive domain, distractibility, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), cardiac stimulation, treatment of narcolepsy by arousal for children 6 years or older. For adults, Desoxyn is also being used as exogenous short-term obesity adjunct by inducing anorexia [1][2][5].

Doses greater than 50mg can have adverse clinical outcomes. The methamphetamine stimulates Central Nervous System Stimulation by giving thought clarity, alertness and mental focus along with appetite suppression and Increased Sympathetic Activity. Treatment of obesity as a short-term usage by Desoxyn (Methamphetamine) is usually a last approach in adults only because of its high abuse when all other weigh† loss strategies fail. It is a Schedule II drug under FDA regulation because of high potential of abuse.
Mechanism of Action

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