Classical Period And The Classical Era Essay

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Classical period was a short but influential musical era occurred approximately between 1750 to 1820. Symphony was a common musical form from the Classical period, regardlessly has a compositional structure of four different movements. Nonetheless, an individual piece of symphony can be characteristically various depends on the style and the intention to compose of the musician. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven were the intelligent symphony-composers from the Classical period in history. During the age of thirty-two, both of the composers Mozart and Beethoven composed one of their Symphonies, Symphony No. 41 in C major (K. 511), and Symphony No. 2 in D Major (Op. 36) respectively. Firstly, both of the symphonies have a typical structural composition that can be identified as the classical-pieces when listening to them, for example the selection of instruments, their strophic forms, and tempo of the music. Despite that Mozart and Beethoven composed their symphony with similar structures, we can still distinguish the differentiation between both composers by examining their timbres. Pitches and dynamics can be found in greater ranges from Beethoven’s than in Mozart’s, which the two pieces doubtlessly generate two different moods to the audience. Nevertheless, the different moods that were produced between Mozart and Beethoven’s symphonies can be explained by their intention of composing due to their different personal backgrounds. Thus, this thesis will discuss…

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