Classical Liberalism And Neorealism

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Structural realists say struggles between states are not the result of the human nature but the result of the political system of the international politics. Because no states trust each other, they must build their own military organizations and institutions to defend themselves. This leads to some conflicts and wars between states because nobody trusts each other. Neoliberalism says that society ought to be formed by the free market. It is said that with neoliberalism, what works in the private sector will work in the public sector. John Locke is the father of classical liberalism. Neoliberalism uses the language and tenants of classical liberalism.
Neorealism and neoliberalism are similar in the sense that both believe that within international relations the world is anarchical, meaning the world lacks supreme authority. This greatly has to do with rationalism. People who believe in rationalism know that a world government would do more harm than good. A great example would be the United Nations…it has been known to make a reckoning in many situations.
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Neorealists would be on the side of supporting structure and as for neoliberals would most certainly not be advocates for structure. Neorealists find that security is a much greater act of domination than neorealists. Often times, neorealists find themselves dealing with security while neoliberals are often persuaded more on the economic perspective. As for cooperation, Neorealists believe that universal cooperation is much harder to accomplish than neoliberals believe. Neorealists have a huge proponent in the means of relative gains and neoliberals are largely on the side of absolute

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