Classic Scientific Management, Administrative Theory Of Management And Management

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Organizational Theory Paper
Leah M. Serrano
Our Lady of the Lake University

Organizational Theory
Classic Scientific Management Theories The theories that fall under this umbrella include scientific management, administrative theory of management and bureaucracy. One of the major key concepts found within these theories are the clearly defined roles of management and employees. Employees are told exactly how a job should be accomplished, whereas management closely scrutinizes their work (Kirst-Ashman, 2014, pp. 164-165). These theories tend to follow an assembly line type of production with management using micromanaging tactics to get the most out of their employees. Management’s main priority is to obtain a fast
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Management could view great production as an excuse to reduce staff if they feel they could maintain the same level of production with less people. In this theory, employees have little input regarding their work environment which could ultimately cause them to do less or not care about their performance. The relationship between employee and management could be strained if they are not cooperating with one another. Service provision could also be negatively impacted. If employees do not feel supported by management, they may provide mediocre services at …show more content…
It assumes that employees want to feel useful and important when it comes to the organization they work for (Kirst-Ashman, 2014, p. 167). This theory emphasizes the cooperation between management and their employees. The organization would treat the employee’s cares, beliefs, and opinions with as much care and attention as they placed on their own. Management would ultimately make employees feel like an integral part of the organization’s success. This theory places importance on group relations as well as an individual’s worth within an organization. If organizations allow their employees to feel that their opinions have weight when decisions are being made, it may motivate them to maximize their

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