Class Size And Student Achievement Essay

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The relationship between class size and student achievement is considered debatable (Wyss, Tai & Sadler 2007). People in the education field such as teachers, administrators and policy makers all have different opinions on whether class size reduction is a feasible solution to raise academic achievement (Wyss et al., 2007). In theory, students in smaller class sizes receive more instruction time, individual attention and more opportunities to participate (Wyss et al., 2007). However, reducing class sizes is expensive, and there is not enough evidence that student achievement increases when class sizes decrease (Wyss et al., 2007). Wyss et al. (2007) intend to provide evidence that the relationship between academic achievement and smaller class size exist.

The purpose of this study is to distinguish the relationship between student academic achievement and small class sizes. The two questions that are addressed in this study are: Do teaching methods change in responses to class size and is the size of high school science classes associated with higher student achievement in college science. For the purposes of this study achievement in college science courses is determined by the final course grade (Wyss et al., 2007).

This study is based on data collected through Factors Influencing College Science Success (Project FICSS). Project FICSS surveyed college science students in the United States at 55 4-years colleges and universities during the…

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