Class And Through Our Readings We Have Learned A Lot Essay

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In class and through our readings we have learned a lot. Part of learning is putting the terms and ideas into tangible examples. I will be discussing spotlight effect, possible selves, planning fallacy, automatic thinking, controlled thinking, and immune neglect.
“The spotlight effect means seeing ourselves at center stage…” (Myers, 2013, pg. 34). People have the tendency to think that others attention is on them, even when it is not. This happens a lot which students in middle school. They think that the attention of others is always on them. Middle school girls believe they have to look their best because they think everyone is looking at them. A personal example of this is, I have fallen or tripped on nothing multiple times while walking. Every time I do this I automatically think that everyone saw me and are laughing at me. I will put my head down and my face will get extremely red. In many instances, not everyone saw me and not everyone is laughing at me. A lot of times when this happens, people are in their own world or on their devices. They many times do not even see what is happening around them and if they do see it they don’t think twice about it. This is a perfect example of spotlight effect. Although I thought everyone was looking at me and thinking about what I did, they were not.
“Our self-concepts include not only our self-schemas about who we currently are but also who we might become-our possible selves.” (Myers, 2013, pg. 37). Our possible selves refers…

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